Rev Preben Andersen

will publish Bulletins during the Coronavirus pandemic.



Dear Friends,

Over breakfast this morning Margaret had a text from our daughter Heidi to say, “Please, please, please, Mum and Dad, STAY IN. Don’t even go for a walk in the park later, keep to the garden. We are but at the tip of the iceberg. Just let me get anything for you that you need.” This coming from someone who works as a mental health nurse, having just returned home to her ‘work from home husband’ and four children after an 18-hours shift, and having evidently heard and observed on that shift ‘things’ that most of us are spared is something the two of us (of a certain age) must now take seriously and share with others.

So, we will now keep to the house until Heidi advises us otherwise, rely on her generosity and offer of shopping for us as we pray that she herself will remain fit and well in her own dangerous work environment. In short, we shall do as we are told, which frankly does not always come easy to either of us.

Thank God the weather is kind and thank God for our lovely big garden – and I can barely wait to give the lawn its first cut this afternoon when the sun has dried out the grass. These are things we can still do and enjoy some fresh air at the same time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the many in Britain who do not have the privilege of a garden or a big house to roam about in. The things we so often take for granted.

As I am not now heading down to get my paper and as I am still waiting for those vouchers offering us free delivery for six weeks, I’ve been on- line instead and what a wonderful experience that is too. Although many of us like the ‘feel’ of a ‘proper’ paper there are other ways of staying in touch with the news, and the on-line papers are but one example. Also, when I have spent time ringing round a dozen or so church members to see how they are, I intend to go on the website for ‘Volunteering Wales’ to see what that is all about. While I am not the most practical man in the world – arguably the least so – there may be something non-practical I can offer by way of a listening ear, a quiet word or reflection, pointing someone to a Bible passage for comfort even, extending my ministry, anything like that. Who knows? I shall certainly have a look in later.

Yes, these are worrying times and it looks like everything is about to get a lot worse before it can get better. May we continue in prayer for those we know and love, for those further away we may not be able to put a name to (but knowing that God loves each one of us intimately) and indeed for ourselves. As Jesus said, “Love one another as you love yourselves”. That’s a hard one – to love oneself. I believe one way of doing that is to listen to those in the know – as we listen to our daughter – and not to think oh, just another scare story. May we take seriously the advice from those on the frontline who do know and apply that advice to ourselves for the sake of our own wellbeing as well as pray for others to heed it too.

Preben 27.03.2020        

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