9 Things I Love to See When I Visit a Church

I don’t need a Hollywood-level production, just a genuine, healthy expression of worship and fellowship.


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I’ve been in the church all my life. Literally.

9 Things Church

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On the first Sunday I was alive, I was in a baby basket beside my mother as she played the piano in my parents’ tiny, store-front, start-up church.

In recent years, I’ve worked with churches of virtually every denomination. So I’ve seen it all.

Because of that experience, I’m not impressed with the bells and whistles a lot of churches work so hard on.

When I come to your church, I’m not looking for a Hollywood-level production. As I wrote in a recent post, that wears thin quickly.

Over the years, I’ve compiled a list of things I love to see when I visit a church. A lot of it is common knowledge, like clean bathrooms and proper signage. And some things are bonus, like a nice cup of coffee or a kickin’ worship team. So I won’t include those in this list.

What I am including falls under this general heading: When I visit your church I want a genuine expression of worship and fellowship.

To be clear, this is my list. It’s not what everyone needs – or likes. It’s not based on a focus group or demographic study of what spiritual seekers want. It’s just me. A long-time Christian and church leader. But that also means what I’m talking about comes from experience, not ignorance.

These aren’t requirements for a healthy church. Or a growing church. Or an innovative church. I don’t expect any church to have all of them. And I’m aware that most of the small churches I work with are struggling with some of them. The church I pastor struggles with them, too.

But I love it when I see them. And I don’t think I’m alone. I suspect that a lot of people – both seekers and saints – would give us a similar list if we knew how to ask them the right questions.

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