As the current chaplain for the local Air Cadets I have produced this power point on Miracles which the young people were able to access. However, I feel that perhaps there are sentiments in the presentation that might also be helpful to those of us a little longer in the tooth which is why I am grateful to Roger Simms for helping me share it now with a wider forum. Usually, of course, I would have attended in person with the people at the squadron for Padre’s Hour but this is not possible during the pandemic so this is the next best solution. I have invited the cadets to e-mail me with any comments or questions they might have and I would extend that invitation to anyone else out there watching it. Finally, I produced the power point in early March near the start of the pandemic and it features a reflection I wrote then trying to imagine everything from the virus’ point of view, and particularly with a nod to our wonderful planet which for too long has looked set for a slow but gradual destruction. Perhaps, if there are any positives to take away from the situation we find ourselves in, we might like to count the cleaner air, oceans and beaches by the substantial fall in pollution levels among them? I know I do.                           Preben

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