CAP Column – Spring 2020

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Save money this spring

Living on a tight budget can be a struggle but there are ways to be creative with very little. Lots of people are now rejecting the extreme consumer culture and finding ways to reduce spending so there’s plenty of useful information available. Here are some ideas to help you save and even make money this April.

Cancel what you don’t need

We all think we’re on top of our money but when was the last time you checked your Direct Debits or standing orders? It’s worthwhile taking the time to go through. According to Money Saving Expert, we could be losing out on several hundred pounds from regular payments we’ve forgotten about. See for some great tips.

Check your statement and receipts

It’s also worthwhile taking the time to check your bank and credit card statements to make sure you’re paying the amounts you expect to be paying. If you spot an error, get in touch with the company to get it sorted as soon as possible.

Plan your meals for the week ahead

Planning what you’re going to eat for the coming week can boost savings, contribute towards eating more healthily and prevent food waste. It can also be fun being creative with what you already have in the cupboards. Plus, you can use any leftovers as packed lunches for work and school – according to research from, taking your own lunches instead of buying sandwiches every working day could save you around £1,300 per year!

Upcycle your wardrobe

Splurging on new clothes can feel like a luxury when you’re on a tight budget, but these days everybody seems to be buying less in an effort to halt the damage being made to the environment by fast fashion. Why not try upcycling some of your old clothes? Check out for inspiration.

If upcycling isn’t your thing, you can still save money by making the most of charity shops, having a look on eBay or organising a clothes swap with friends.

Craft and create your own cool gifts

When birthdays and events come around, we may want to get a nice gift or card for someone but struggle to afford it. However, a handmade version can be such a pleasure to receive and save pounds in the process. Search 5-minute crafts on YouTube for some creative ideas.

Make cash out of clutter

Decluttering your home is good for mental wellbeing but can also be great for your wallet too. You could start with just one room and then ruthlessly get rid of anything that you no longer use, want or that doesn’t fit. Check out free ways to sell your stuff like Facebook Marketplace and get the cash rolling in!

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